Words: Wade DesArmo
Photography: David Christian

We were blessed to be able to escape an east coast winter. Destination: Barcelona. Little has to be said about the beautiful city that it is and when you add the squad of people that was on the trip, it could not be beat.

Spencer Hamilton: The MVP. Casually destroyed everything we skated way too easily with his exceptional bag of tricks. The kid's got it!

Dana Ericson: The magician as I refer to him as. No warm ups needed, just straight to business and when you get to see the type of maneuvers he's got in his bag, it is a treat to watch him work his magic.

Brian "Dutchmaster" Delaney: Smooth, raw and one liners for days. Always a pleasure to watch Dutch get in his zone and do his thing, even if most of his toes don't work. Still amazing.

Nick "Buggy" Ferro: Watching Buggy cruise around and just make up lines on the fly is seriously an incredible thing to watch. His effortless style really gets magnified when you can put him in an environment with endless amounts of granite. He's got flow like none other and I can truly watch him skate all day.

Huge thanks to Grand for getting the crew together for a little winter getaway. A lot of good dinners, beers and times were had and new great memories made. Can't wait for the next one. Cheers!

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