Wade DesArmo For Grand Collection

Starring: Wade DesArmo

Featuring: Dana Ericson, Nick Ferro, Diego Najera, Spencer Hamilton and Brian Delaney

Filmed By: Tomas Morrison, Jordan Moss, Kevin Perez, Tim Savage and Matt Velez

Music By: Billy McFeely

Connor Champion For Grand Collection

Connor Champion for Grand Collection

Guest Trick:
Josh Velez

Filmed in Raleigh, NC and New York, NY by:
Kent Willard
Gray McClamrock
Andre Page


Pavilion, featuring Spencer Hamilton, Wade DesArmo, Brian Delaney, Dana Ericson, Zeb Weisman and Nick Ferro.

Filmed in Barcelona by JP Blair and Matt Velez.

Spencer Hamilton X Babyhouse New York

Spencer Hamilton X Babyhouse New York for Grand Collection.


Autumn, featuring Spencer Hamilton, Nick Ferro, Dana Ericson, Connor Champion, Kevin Tierney and Brian Delaney.

Filmed by JP Blair.